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this week’s edition of framework:afield, the first back after our summer break, is entitled river-land listening, and has been produced in the uk by blanc sceol. for more information see producer’s notes:

In 2021 we invited a group of local artists who work with sound, to participate in our piece ‘River-land Listening’, a silent walk at low tide through the muddy bed of the Channelsea river in the borough of Newham, London. We asked the artists to explore the particular sonic narratives and topography of this inter-tidal zone, each one live streaming their experience. This audio piece presents a mix of the recordings of the live streams from each the nine artists who completed the walk, providing a space for low-tide contemplation of this river. The walk was created for Sound Camp’s ‘Off Grid’ program in 2021, and in association with Surge Cooperative, part of a series of local engagement activities proposing common actions with those connected to the river or local to the area, and encouraging collective efforts to protect and celebrate its rich natural heritage.

River-land listening was developed, recorded and edited by Blanc Sceol, artists Stephen Shiell and Hannah White.

blanc sceol, 2022.09
patrick 2022, framework:afield

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