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this latest edition of framework:afield is our last show before our annual summer break. we’ll be back with edition #813 on september 11, we hope you’ll join us then. in the meantime, there are hundreds of shows in our archive to keep you busy:

this is the third edition of an ongoing collaboration between framework radio and CENSEthe central european network for sonic ecologies ( the series is titled symptoms of evidence; each new episode is produced for CENSE by polina khatsenka and petra kapš, and premieres on radio punctum in prague, before being repeated a few months later here on framework. our thanks go to radio punctum for their permission to rebroadcast these shows. you can explore their activities and/or listen here:

producer’s notes:

You are listening to the third episode of CENSE bimonthly mixtapes series. CENSE – Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies – is a decentralised organisation, gathering artists, educators, writers and researchers, whose aim is to gather and interconnect the community behind the field of acoustic ecology. Members are united by the determination to develop a strategy allowing an impact on the current situation dealing with sound and environment. This episode focuses on walking & psychogeography.

Symptoms of Evidence mixtape series is focused on bringing the field of acoustic ecology closer to the local listeners and interested individuals, introducing field-recordings as a sonic tool for examining our sound environment and enabling us to gain a deeper knowledge on the consequences of environmental processes, together with possible solutions retrieval. further info on the network can be found on the webpage

[artist  /  track]

Šarka Zahalková  /  ztratit_se_side_A
Miloš Vojtěchovský  /  aporeewalk1
katrinem  /  excerpt Path of Awareness Marseille (recorded 12.11.2015)
UdoNoll  /  Berlin Alexanderplatz Station Walking 27012022
Peter Cusack  /  Bernau bei Berlin wind farm
Tomáš Šenkyřík  /  Prochazení Plackovym Lesem 28012022
Irena Pivka  /  echo1_B
Yiorgis Sakellariou  /  –
Polina Khatsenka  /  Humboldtova vyhlídka – Ztrata
David Petras  /  Rádio Béter – night – the train is coming
Polina Khatsenka  /  dech
Bálint Kiss  /  Balaton winter freezing ice 2022
Martin Marek  /  Benešov Krišna

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