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This week’s edition of framework:afield has been produced in the netherlands by hessel veldman. producer’s notes:

Radio Artivity
massive sound eruptions

Radio Artivity is a multi dimensional sound work and radio play, based on recordings made by Hessel Veldman, Willem de Ridder, Cora Emens and Nick Nicole between 1985 and 1990.

Recorded in real time, round the living room table, at the EXART studio in IJmuiden; The Netherlands.

Willem de Ridder: field-recordings, voices + ordinary objects.
Hessel Veldman: real time sound manipulation, mixing and composing; using field-recordings and all kind of instruments + voices.
Cora Emens: voices + ordinary objects.
Nick Nicole: voices + ordinary objects.

FNTC started after the Holland Festival shows in 1985. Willem de Ridder and Hessel already started making radio programmes in the late seventies and early eighties: normal stories and fairy-tales for children. But also did sound and storytelling performances with musicians like Alvin Curran, Han Reiziger, Francis Marie Uitti and Jon Rose.

Cora Emens, partner of Willem, asked Hessel and Nick Nicole to join when she was asked for a making a sound-art-play. Willem started doing “singing” and making music. Nicole took her ‘playing with objects’ part. Hessel came out of his comfort zone, being a musician, and started chanting as well. The first release was called “Ei blot till list”, a sound-art piece by Cora Emens, released by Confrontation tapes. This worked out so well that Willem, Cora, Hessel and Nicole decided to make more music together and perform at churches and other venues. Willem named us the Fanatic which later became FNTC.

Several music- and videotapes were released during the late 80’s.

“NEUROPA” (feat. William Levy) and “OPERA” (feat. Jon Rose) soon became top issues and were broadcasted in many different countries. Also several FNTC recordings were released in the All Chemix Radio cassette series. Some of these recordings were used for the release of “All Chemix Radio” by Slowscan (2LP/2020).

Radio Artivity is composed with FNTC recordings never re-released before or even never shared before. Listen to fragments of The Fly, the 1st Radio Active Rain After Tsjernobil, Saint Maarten, Eronatic and the Rowing Tapes. All recorded during the long winters of the eighties.

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