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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in toronto, canada by michael trommer and his students. for more of his work see producers’ notes:

Spaces Lived

A phonographic composition in three acts. Using only field recordings to examine the sonic textures, rhythms and tonal components that permeate our lived environments whether exterior, interior, or internal. Composition created, arranged, and mixed by the 2022 class of Postgraduate Sound Production and Postproduction students at George Brown College in Toronto, ON Canada, under the guidance of producer, sound artist and Sound Art program course director: Michael Trommer.


Arrangement:  Abbey Kruse, Paige Wynn, Kabir Mohan, Chuckie Chuck, Abhishek Sharma, Tee Schneider
Act Compositions: Paige Wynn, Abbey Kruse, Kabir Mohan
Final Mix: Abhishek Sharma & Chuckie Chuck
Production Management: Paige Wynn, Tee Schneider

[  artist  /  title  ]

Act 1 – Quotidien
– Vivek Patel: Point of View
– Sahibdeep Singh: Indian Kitchen
– Rosángela Hernández Gómez: Mirandela tras los años
– Paige Wynn: Imprints of a Broken Woman

Act 2 – Close Up
– Abhishek Sharma: Wash and Cleanse
– Andrew Machum: The Sound of (Making) Music
– Chuckie Chuck: Public Library
– Jim Kelly: Parking Available
– Abbey Kruse: The Continuity of Ducks

Act 3 – Big Picture
– Tee Schneider: Through the Storm (A topographical, metaphorical exploration of my pandemic bubble.)
– Yuzhi Yan: Destination
– Emily Chiarvesio: City Swimming
– Kabir Mohan: Building Nightmares

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