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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany by nils mosh. for more of his work see producer’s notes:

Commissioned by the Emschergenossenschaft U was exploring the soundscape of the Emscher River and making its conversion audible – from an open wastewater channel to a renaturalized and diversely revitalized watercourse. As of the end of 2021 the Emscher is officially free of sewage, so my recordings of the dirt water are the last audio document of 100+ year history of the dirtiest river of Germany. In my two minute collage on Youtube ( you can listen to a comparison between the dirty and the clean Emscher. In this radio program you can listen to some of the sounds in detail, hear sounds from my recordings along the 80km long river, that didn’t make it into the original collage and get more information on the river, background stories from the recordings and insights on my approach to listen to the now most expensive river of Germany.

nils mosh, 2022.01
patrick 2022, framework:afield

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