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this edition of framework:afield, entitled london punch, has been produced in the uk by regular contribution keith de mendonca. for more of his work see producer’s notes:

“Punch & Judy” is a traditional English puppet show that celebrates its birth date on May 9 1662, when Samuel Pepys noted in his diary watching puppets perform in Covent garden.

Over time, Punch & Judy incorporated many famous living characters into the plot – people who lived and died within my local area in London: Samuel Pepys, Joseph Grimaldi the clown, and Jack Ketch the executioner.

Let Mr Punch lead you on a sound journey around an imaginary London, its church bells and its ghosts. “Oranges & Lemons say the bells of St. Clements”. From Samuel Pepys’ birthplace off Fleet Street – along Birdcage walk, and across the river Thames to stare into the Great fire. Climb Pentonville hill and dance on the musical grave of “Joey” Grimaldi the clown. We start with my execution bell at Newgate jail: death by the rope, bullet or sharpened axe. “When will you pay me say the bells of Old Bailey?”. “Here we are again!”

keith de mendonca, 2021.04

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