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this edition of framework:afield, entitled mixtape #1, has been produced in belgium by willem sannen. for more information see producer’s notes:

Over the years some field recordings or sound works stayed with me. I tend to replay them which I normally don’t do. I usually listen to an album or a recording once, in full concentration and don’t come back to it. I have the same thing with movies: I don’t see a movie twice. Even the ones I really adore. It has nothing to do with adoration, but everything with not spoiling that first experience. However some field recordings I do revisit and Mixtape #1 is a selection of some of those.

willem sannen, 2021.03

[time  /  recording  /  artist]

0:00   /  Chris Watson   /  radio interview (extract)

01:25  /  Vespers  /  Alvin Lucier

16:50  /  text from the book ‘Music 109’ by Alvin Lucier

18:35  /  Mutt Dogs  /  Sara Lana  & Felix Blume

23:33  /  text from Felix Blume’s website

23:57  /  0’00″  /  John Cage

26:24  /  text score for 0’00’’

26:40  /  Baikal Ice Flow Split 2  /  Peter Cusack

32:01  /  text from a Jana Winderen interview from the book ‘In The Field’ by Cathy Lane & Angus Carlyle

32:52  /  Mae Teng  /  Jana Winderen

35:34  /  text from the book ‘Almost Nothing with Luc Ferrari’ by Jacqueline Caux

36:08  /  Presque Rien # 2: ainsi continue la nuit dans ma tête multiple  /  Luc Ferrari

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