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a quick note before we get to the show – you’ve done it, folks! it’s been almost 3 years since we launched our patreon campaign, and this week, for the first time ever, we can announce that you have brought us to 100% of our initial funding goal, meaning that for the first time ever in it’s almost 20 year history, framework is not running at a loss! THANK YOU! but this is just the beginning! we now start looking forward to what we can accomplish with our next goal levels: improvements to the archive, commissions for contributors, and eventually making framework a viable full-time job. now the fun begins!

this edition of framework:afield, an international women’s day special, has been produced in the uk by felicity ford and jilliene sellner. producer’s notes:

this is an all-woman iwd show with an intentionally global focus.

the concept, mixing and mastering of this show were shared by long-term framework radio contributors, jilliene sellner, and felicity (felix) ford, both currently based in the uk. stitched together from their respective collections of soundart, field recordings and phonography by women from around the world, this mix explores how womanhood intersects with other identities such as race, ethnicity and disability in womens’ creative sonic praxis. a range of different concerns are reflected, from preoccupation with climate-change, to the importance of decolonising listening space.

most of the artists featured here also have a presence on bandcamp, where you can directly support them. each artist featured is making vital contributions to the fields of soundart, phonography and field-recording and we highly recommend that you check out their work via the links below.

yours in listening to women and especially supporting work made by women,
jilliene sellner and felicity (felix) ford.

felicity ford, 2021.02

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 10:47 / kiera mulhern / syrinx / de ossibus 20 / recital,

10:19 – 20:38 / jacqueline george / same sun / tiny portraits / flaming pines,

19:47 – 21:59 / moor mother / in blooms / moor mother goddess / vague audio tapes,

21:59 – 25:04 / klein / silent / lifetime / ijn inc.

24:39 – 31:02 / lucy liyou / september 5 / practice / full spectrum records

29:48 – 38:53 / linda o’keeffe / strange birds / silent spring / flaming pines,

36:37 – 42:27 / izabela dłużyk / evening air for green strings / soundscapes of summer / lom

41:57 – 50:41 / aurélie nyirabikali lierman / iota mikro / alternate african reality / syrphe,

49:47 – 55:26 / southeast of rain 东南有雨 / day 8 between fleeting somethings 须臾之间 / 42 days 四十二天 /,

54:26 – 59:00 / ruby colley / springs eternal (unreleased demo),

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