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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in belgium by stijn demeulenaere. for further info on his work see his website at producer’s notes:

Latitudes Hybrid Set (live radio set).
By Stijn Demeulenaere

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist and field recordist from Belgium. He creates installations, composes soundscapes, performs and does sound design for dance, theatre and film. As part of his field recording practice, Stijn travels to different places in the world, and records the sound there, both urban soundscapes and pristine nature recordings. Latitudes is a project in which Stijn brings these recordings together. At the moment, the project includes recordings from Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Gabon, Romania, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Iceland. The recordings from all these different climates, these different biotopes, are being explored for their sonic characteristics, and their spatial uniqueness, and the database is still growing. With these sounds he develops compositions and live sets where he explores the audio material, creating new sonic structures juxtaposing the sounds, or melting them together.

In April 2020 Stijn was invited to do a Latitudes live set for the Oscillation Mayday Radio Marathon by the Brussels’ art centre Q-O2. Jumping on this years radio theme, Stijn decided he wanted to do a Latitudes hybrid set, in which mixes his own recordings with recordings by other field recording artists he has a connection with. So Stijn contacted a few of his fellow field recordists friends – people he met and went recording with during his years of practice – and asked them if they wanted to contribute a recording. Furthermore, in this hybrid set, Stijn also wanted to highlight the diversity of listening. Because he couldn’t interview anybody in the midst of the lockdown, he once more contacted some of his friends and asked them to record an answer to the question “what does listening mean to you”. These testimonies he then interlaced with the rest of the set, in an exploration what the act of listening can entail. As a homage to his radio roots, Stijn decided to make a complete radio program out of it, introducing the piece and playing the set live.

The set was originally broadcast during the Oscillation Festival – Mayday Radio Marathon by Q-O2, on the festivals website. This Framework Radio edit was made in February 2021.

People who contributed a recording:
Peter Lenaerts, George Vlad, Willem Sannen, Martin Eccles, Stéphane Pigeon, Thoranna Bjornsdottir, Jonáš Gruska, and Rodolphe Alexis

Interviewees / quotes:
Ioana Mandrescu, Thoranna Bjornsdottir, Rodolphe Alexis, Willem Sannen, Silviu Dumitrache, Jo Thielemans, and Jez Riley French

Cover photo by Richard Youell

stijn demeulenaere, 2021.02

patrick 2021, framework:afield

2 Replies

  1. van aan t genieten…. soms tropische nachtgeluiden herkennend.
    Bedankt Stijn!

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