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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in canada by alёna korolёva. producer’s notes:

Random City

What a relief to arrive at last in this new city. Your feet are restless, they take you across bridges and underneath construction sites, under the river even, where you embrace views that make you feel like you have ears all over your new body.

This hour-long travelogue grazes across sonic neighborhoods that might resemble Tbilisi, Batumi, Toronto, Havana, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Strasbourg, Marseille, Naples, Reggio Calabria, Lisbon and Barcelona. Or at least, the sound sources, the original copies, were first heard there.

Most of the recordings were made in 2018-2020 with Tascam DR-05 recorder and clippy EM172 omnidirectional microphones.

Partly based on Szara Reneta’s cassette release Shadows of Mtatsminda.

recordings, mix and photo by Alëna Korolëva

text, voice and additional recordings by Mike Hoolboom

alёna korolёva, 2021.01

patrick 2021

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