mark vernon, ribbons of rust, flaming pines 2019

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i’m going to make a little plea here – i apologise if you find this irritating, and it possibly won’t help at all anyway, but i don’t know what else to do: patreon support for the program has been steadily dropping since may; we were at 77% of our initial goal, the minimum needed for framework to begin paying it’s own way, and we are now down to 62%. i’ve been producing the show for 17 years, in which time it has grown immensely and become a major eater or my time. i simply can’t afford to let framework fill 2 to 3 days per week if it can’t sustain itself. please don’t read this and think, here he goes again, always asking for money, why does he have to ruin the program with all this begging (i’ve received that exact feedback in the past); but, if you value the program, think perhaps that if you could see your way to helping support it, the begging could simply stop. if i can’t reach and maintain some minimum amount of support i will simply have to cut back on the amount of time i can volunteer to producing the show, reducing the quality of the output and the satisfaction i get from making it. please, if you can, help keep this from happening.

i think everything in this edition is available is available as a download, and some as physical releases as well – i guess we’re nearing the point where i don’t need to say that anymore, and soon enough it will be assumed that all releases are also available in virtual form. are we there already? mark vernon‘s latest work is the most format-specific here, released on cassette, and composed from the sounds of found cassettes corroded by sea and sand at an abandoned holiday resort. kayaka‘s virtual-only release, constructed from field recordings, harp, synth and spoken word, makes a good companion to mark’s rusty sounds, and sala‘s ‘natural’ drone from a lithuanian forest, contributed to the aporee soundmaps, provides a soothing contrast. also along for the ride are a few more of biodiversita‘s soundscapes, concrete compositions from sophie delafontaine, and a framework introduction recorded for us in sweden by longtime listener and contributor anders östberg.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 03:17  /  anders östberg  /  framework introduction, recorded in sweden

02:15 – 06:21  /  kayaka  /  hanabi  /  zuwaigani  /  zeromoon,

04:27 – 16:03  /  manuel calurano  /  one-year cycle  /  13 soundscapes [compilation] /  biodiversità

09:03 – 13:20  /  sala  /  natural drone  /  utena, lt  /  aporee soundmaps,

11:51 – 18:36  /  mark vernon  /  an insoluble rock  /  ribbons of rust /  flaming pines,

15:57 – 25:45  /  sophie delafontaine  /  respire marche pars va-t-en  /  accord ouvert  /  impreintes digitales

20:40 – 25:01  /  kayaka  /  insects and construction  /  zuwaigani  / zeromoon,

23:31 – 34:07  /  banished pills  /  memories have suddenly disappeared /  13 soundscapes [compilation]  /  biodiversità,

24:43 – 29:07  /  yponomeutaneko  /  wind in the tree leaves  / trégastel, fr  /  aporee soundmaps,

31:13 – 35:54  /  mark vernon  /  accelerated aquaculture  /  ribbons of rust  /  flaming pines,

34:07 – 46:03  /  sophie delafontaine  /  creux-du-van  /  accord ouvert  /  impreintes digitales

36:39 – 47:35  /  tomasz pizio  /  bay flybys  /  13 soundscapes [compilation] /  biodiversità

46:08 – 54:16  /  roman kurochkin  /  a frozen road in the snow desert /  salekhard, ru  /  aporee soundmaps

48:08 – 57:28  /  mark vernon  /  the lost resort  /  ribbons of rust  /  flaming pines,

52:20 – 56:39  /  kayaka  /  semi  /  zuwaigani  /  zeromoon,

56:42 – 59:00  /  tim ward  /  water under the bridge below foros cave /  aladino, gr  /  aporee soundmaps

patrick 2019, regular edition

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