alexandra spence, waking she heard the fluttering, room40 2019

greetings folks, we are back! framework has been away on paternity leave since mid-february, but we are very happy to be back in the studio producing new shows for you, and we hope your ears are happy too. we’ve got lots of catching up to do, and lots to tell you about, but first a little plea:

our patreon campaign is a year old now. it got off to a great start, but had fairly stagnated in recent months, with only one or two new sign ups since the beginning of 2019. we are stuck at about 70% of our low-end minimum-needed-to-operate goal. and now that we’ve got a new mouth to feed in the house, we really need your help. ūüôā

PLEASE – if you listen to and value framework radio, and if you can afford to do so, VISIT OUR PATREON PAGE NOW AND SIGN UP TO MAKE A REGULAR MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION TO HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR. it can be as little as $1 per month – surely anyone that can afford the bandwidth to listen to the program can afford that to keep it going. radio is/should/must be free, but it is not free to produce! our 17th birthday is coming up in just over a month, AND IT NEEDS YOU if it’s going to make it to it’s first legal beer!

(plus, the framework-mobile’s transmission has just crapped out – would you like to hear some more sob-stories?)

another way you can support the program is by buying one/some of our releases. we have nearly got all the back issues of framework:seasonal up on our bandcamp page now, the latest being issue #2, spring 2012, featuring the likes of jd zazie, sala, camilla hannan, pali meursault and lasse-mark riek. all issues are available as downloads, and a few still have very limited numbers of physical copies left (another one just sold out forever today – #2 has 1 copy left i believe).

but on to the show! we have so, so much material to dig through that’s been building up while we’ve been away. if you’ve submitted material anytime this year, please bear with us, we do try to get to it all. most of what we hear in this first show back has been waiting since before our break, one release from as far back as 2016. but better late than never! i believe all these releases, which all have physical editions, are also available as downloads; follow the links for more info. sounds by kevin buckland, CLUBblue, alexandra spence, yvan etienne, plus recent listener-chosen favorite uploads to the aporee soundmaps, and a framework intro recorded by claude schryer. a dense welcome back to the airwaves – we hope you enjoy it!

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 Р04:01  /  claude schryer  /  framework introduction, recorded in canada

02:24 Р07:20  /  soundhunter  /  water dripping after downpour  / atlanta, us  /  aporee soundmaps

06:19 Р29:03  /  kevin buckland  /  [track 1]  /  a sound, a place, a time  /  rusted tone recordings,

08:06 Р11:39  /  alexandra spence  /  bodies in place  /  waking, she heard the fluttering  /  room40,

11:25 Р20:35  /  CLUBblue  /  restricted area  /  DARK~asian~ENERGY  / gruenrekorder,

18:42 Р40:20  /  yvan etienne  /  cinq réflectances inversées  / twist  /  aposiopèse,

26:47 Р29:48  /  felix blume  /  toads and frogs during the night  / gran sabana, ve  /  aporee soundmaps

33:26 Р48:30  /  alexandra spence  /  [title track]  /  waking, she heard the fluttering  /  room40,

35:42 Р38:40  /  kay westhues  /  wabash river sounds  /  linn grove, in, us  /  aporee soundmaps

37:50 Р41:55  /  CLUBblue  /  chicken feet and durian 1  / DARK~asian~ENERGY  /  gruenrekorder,

39:51 – 58:50¬† /¬† yvan etienne¬† /¬† l’√©nergie du non¬† /¬† twist¬† /¬† aposiop√®se,

42:58 Р49:56  /  kevin buckland  /  [track 4]  /  a sound, a place, a time  /  rusted tone recordings,

46:59 Р51:16  /  CLUBblue  /  marilou’s dream  /  DARK~asian~ENERGY  / gruenrekorder,

51:27 Р55:00  /  alexandra spence  /  a soft crackle  /  waking, she heard the fluttering  /  room40,

53:59 – 59:00¬† /¬† greg peterson¬† /¬† wind in bamboo¬† /¬† rittŇć city, jp¬† / ¬†aporee soundmaps

patrick 2019, regular edition

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