this edition of framework:afield has been produced in canada by james bailey. for more of his work see producer’s notes:

Over the next hour, you will hear a recording of the Dawn Chorus from Taylor Creek Park in East York, a part of the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The timeframe is from 5am to 6am on May 27th, 2018. The exact location, a pond separated from the creek by a paved footpath, can be found on the aporee sound map at under the name Taylor Creek Frogs, as it is an extract from this recording featuring a chorus of frogs. It was recorded using a hand-held Zoom H4n digital recorder. No processing has been used on the sounds apart from normalization, and fades at beginning and end. Alas, the deer, who’s prior presence had been indicated by wet hoof-prints on the pathway upon my arrival, did not make an appearance during the recording.

James Bailey is an improvising soundmaker and recording enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada. While mostly working with electronics and processing, much recent work has also included straight acoustic instruments or implements. He has always had an interest in field recordings and has included them as components of tape compositions including “From a Window – 1am” on his 1986 private-press LP Dimensions.

we will be back next week with one more regular edition, and then we’ll be finishing off the year with a very special seasonal edition, #666 (ho ho ho!), produced in the u.s. by mandy szostek, featuring a longform environmental recording with spoken word made at the grave of william s. burroughs. it’s pretty special, and a good way, we feel, to finish off 2018. after that we’ll be taking our annual holiday break, returning with edition #667 on january 13th.

meanwhile, let us remind you , as we approach the end of this year, that if you like what you hear, and if you’ll miss us over our holiday break, why not head over to our patreon page and show your appreciation by signing up for a monthly pledge!

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