this edition of framework:afield has been produced in ireland by slavek kwi, aka artificial memory trace. for more information, see producer’s notes:

An Attempt to Tune_in to Everything through Manifestation of Ego Chapter Five from Soundlife of Slavek Kwi, radio-series:

This is fifth installment of another soundOrganism destined for Framework radio, and is this time dedicated to the idea of exploring extrasensory communication in an attempt to raise our sensitivity to one another and to our surrounding environment.

Part 1: Tuning “I” & The Immediate Sound Environment

I am experimenting with the connections between electricity, sounds, light and body movement as interfaces between perceived events triggered by my immediate sound environment, whilst observing my inner reaction to them. I am working intuitively and often feel I am stumbling in the dark – witnessing the process of creation through my senses without attempting to understand, feeling as if I am a “resonating membrane”. I am playing in my studio trying to tune in with whatever life brings. I am trying to feel my way through time, using senses as tentacles of perception around me, attempting to connect to whatever I might sense at that particular moment. I am listening to starlings nesting under the roof – adults coming in and out feeding the little ones, wind resonating springs and moving plastic-flags, bats hunting using echolocation at the break of dawn, a variety of birds singing in the garden, and human activities. I am using various devices to listen and interact with my immediate sound environment. I am using microphones placed outside, ambient and close to nesting birds, an ultrasonic detector picking up any activities above our hearing range, emf detectors making audible electromagnetic pollution from ever-present wi-fi and computers.

Marker: 11 chimes of a grandfather clock

Part 2: United Artists for Well-Being of Solar System – mixverse1 (extract, variation2)

Sunday 29th April 2018 from 11 pm to 1am (initiated in timezone: Ireland) was the first telepathic gathering of uni.Sol_ (United Artists for Well-Being of Solar System) to explore alternative ways of inter-connecting around the globe, creating a feeling of connection in between each other and raising our sensitivity via extrasensory communication. Some participants across international space recorded their sound/music and here are all those mixed together presented in an inserted extract of 40 min. First crew of courageous, generous and creative participants are: Yann Pillas (recording himself sleeping), Matthew Noone (playing self-designed hybrid sarode), David Stalling, experiMENTALien, Sara Pace, Jan Kruml (Instinct Primal), Sayori Izawa, Finnian Oertel (playing piano), David Nadeau, Aeren (piano), Charlotte Hoechsmann, Anna Neuwirthova (no audio recorded), Anahi Arias (no audio), Robin Parmar and Artificial Memory Trace. Another telepathic exercise and gathering will take place onthe evening of Friday 13th July, 9 to 11 pm, and the morning of Sunday 12th August, 11 am to 1 pm, both in timezone of Ireland. For template see: > uni.Sol_

Marker: one chime of a grandfather clock

Part 3: Evolving the Collective Consciousness

Understanding is not required for an empathetic connection between entities, the connection itself is the purpose. Opening channels to extra-sensory communication offers another way of interrelation – the potential seems infinite! – the relationship without a need to agree on an intellectual level and without a need to share the same system of beliefs. Everybody has a unique way of relating to the world. We need a way to relate accommodating each particle as it is. Attempts to unify beliefs as creating any ideology lead inevitably to separation.

For all my friends, unfriends and not friends yet. Many thanks to Patrick – for continuous support of Soundlife series.

patrick 2018, framework:afield

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