this is the second of a two-part edition of framework:afield produced by nick hamilton:

Produced in London, UK by Nick Hamilton of Vittelli Recordings using a C90 cassette from Graham Lambkin which details the story of Kye Records and some of it’s releases. Using that tape as the spine of the piece Nick enlisted Kye artists like Moniek Darge, Tim Goss, Vanessa Rossetto, Matthew Revert, Matthew Hopkins, Mark Harwood, James Rushford, and Matt Krefting to supply words and exclusive/unreleased tracks.

Part 1 follows the course of Side 1 of the tape and Part 2 follows Side 2.



Graham Lambkin – Amateur Doubles (Besombes/Rizet-Pôle) (excerpt)
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Album: Amateur Doubles – Kye 15, 2011)

Graham Lambkin – Amateur Doubles (Philippe Grancher – 3000 Miles Away) (excerpt)
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Album: Amateur Doubles – Kye 15, 2011)

Dan Melchior – Ferrytale (excerpt)
(Artist: Dan Melchior – Album: Excerpts (and Half-speeds) – Kye 16, 2012)

Vincent Over The Sink – Outisde Dust (excerpt)
(Artist: Vincent Over the Sink – Single: Dust Studies – Kye 704, 2011)

The Bowles – Mouthstrings (unreleased)

Marcia Basset / Samara Lubelski – September 12th – 2010, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY (excerpt)
(Artist: Marcia Basset / Samara Lubelski – Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon – Kye 17, 2012)

Astor – Inland (excerpt)
(Artist: Astor – Album: Inland – Kye 26, 2013)

Astor – Live at Ryan’s Bar (excerpt) (unreleased)

James Rushford & Joe Talia – Manhunter (excerpt)
(Artist: James Rushford & Joe Talia – Album: Manhunter – Kye 22, 2013)

James Rushford – Salon (unreleased)

Jason Lescalleet – A Misinterpretation Of A Mispronunciation (excerpt)
(Artist: Jason Lescalleet – Album: Much To My Demise – Kye 27, 2014)

Matt Krefting – The Cavern (unreleased)

Graham Lambkin – Attersaye
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Single: Abersayne/Attersaye – Kye 706, 2013)

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