this edition of framework:afield has been produced in jerusalem, israel by tomer damsky. for more information you can visit her soundcloud page, or the page for her sirenum series on raash-hour radio, consecrated to ‘music by women who stretch the boundaries of sound.’

Limb Spread On The Dirt Road

“Imagine yourself at a river, recording it from a more distant perspective, and then zeroing in on a certain part of the water flow by gradually moving the mic towards it, until you are so close that you can only hear this one water gesture. Then you move equally close to other flow formations and explore the fabulous variety of individual water voices that make up the sum total of the river sound at that location where you are recording” [Hildegard Westerkamp]

The ability to record sound opened a path to the creation of music and sound art with diverse perceptions and uses of field recordings.

Tomer Damsky, who rarely leaves her bed without a recording device, has thrown a pile of recordings out of her own archive, field recording based pieces by female sound artists from different parts of the spectrum and sounds of her creation into the cauldron. The result is a journey into a fizzing, bustling soundtrack of an imaginary existence still roughly attached to the real one.

Tomer Damsky is on a quest for music by women that stretch the boundaries of sound. Damsky is a Jerusalem based experimental musician who obsessively records the world and endlessly pursues unusual objects to transform into sonic instruments. Besides her solo work she is the drummer and vocalist of pseudo-stoner duo Parve, plays amplified metals in Talk To Your Totem performances, and participates in the artistic direction of the Raash-hour label.

Snaps of pieces by:

Hildegard Westerkamp

Christina Kubisch

Felicity Ford

Laurie Anderson

Maria Zerfall

Alejandra Salinas

Sarah Hopkins

Studio Parva

T Dam Sky

Quotes from In The Field: The Art of Field Recording, by Cathy Lane & Angus Carlyle


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