this edition of framework:afield has been produced by emmanuel mieville in collaboration with laurent jeanneau, aka kink gong. for more information on either artist, see their respective soundcloud pages:

this sonic journey documents the many voyages made by emmanuel mieville in southeast asia and china, where he had the opportunity to meet laurent jeanneau at a concert in shanghai. the sources of this soundscape therefore consist of: the release by jeanneau’s kink gong project on the chinese label kwanyin records, which is a mix of field recordings and electronic sounds. the singing of ethnic wu women, recorded by jeanneau, who records and releases traditional music and sounds from all over china and asia. sounds recorded by emmanuel mieville recorded in china (chong ming dao), malaysia (kuala lumpur), and taiwan (peikang), as well as a few concrete sounds. also featured at the beginning is the voice of a woman speaking shanghai dialect collected by terence lloren for his ethnographic project on the streets of shanghai.

this program was originally produced for websynradio, produced by dominique balaÿ for droit de cités in france:

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