this edition has been produced in northern ireland by aidan deery and matilde meireles, aka bunú. for more information see http://bunusound.wordpress.com. producers’ notes:

Bunú is Aidan Deery and Matilde Meireles: sound artists and field recording enthusiasts.

They use field recordings as a way of constructing narratives, and articulate an experience of place through composition, installation and live performance.

Lough Foyle was conceived as a long-form radio composition, commissioned by Resonance FM as part of their residency at Void Gallery during the 2013 UK City of Culture celebrations in Derry.

They recorded the sonic environment of various locations surrounding the Lough, using the recording process as a way of establishing a relationship with each location. Lough Foyle is a place of transition, a border.

patrick 2014, framework:afield

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