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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by stuart fowkes, and features his cities and memory project. for more information see notes from the producer:

This edition of Framework:Afield is a tour around the Cities and Memory sound project, which maps the real and imagined sounds of the world. Each point on the sound map at features two sounds – one is the faithful field recording documenting what that place sounded like at a given time, and the second is a remixed, re-imagined or reinterpreted version of that sound. The listener is free to explore two parallel sound worlds – the world as it actually sounds, or the imaginary sound world, or to flip between the two at leisure.

This episode explores some of the sounds from Cities and Memory, both from the project’s owner Stuart Fowkes and from field recordists and sound artists who have contributed sounds and remixed from as far afield as Calcutta and Los Angeles. It’s divided into sections, starting with Italy, where the idea for the project first came about, through London, the wider UK and then taking in India, Norway, South Korea, Belgium and the USA.

[time / track]

[time / track]

01:20 – 04:28    Introduction/Lizard Point waves, UK
04:28 – 05:13    Campanile, Florence, Italy
05:14 – 06:42    Mass being sung, Florence, Italy
06:43 – 10:03    Rainstorm, Palermo, Sicily
10:04 – 11:01    Fondamente delle Zattere, Venice, Italy
11:02 – 13:47    Piazza delle Cathedrale, Ferrara, Italy
14:32 – 17:49    Barbican Centre, London
17:50 – 20:07    Camden Lock Market, London
20:08 – 22:48    Electric Avenue, Brixton, London
22:49 – 24:56    Euston Station, London
24:57 – 27:05    Spitalfields Market, London
27:58 – 29:38    Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire, UK
29:39 – 31:42    Carn Galver, Cornwall, UK
31:43 – 33:17    Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, UK
34:17 – 39:43    Louvre courtyard, Paris, France
40:50 – 42:42    Sofienbergparken, Oslo, Norway
42:43 – 43:49    Incheon airport, South Korea
43:49 – 45:45    Indian Museum, Calcutta, India
45:46 – 50:05    Avenue LeGrand, Brussels, Belgium
51:31 – 53:12    Wilshere Blvd, Los Angeles, USA
53:13 – 56:20    Drumm Street, San Francisco, USA

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