brame-photo2brames, marc & olivier namblard, ouïe/dire, 2012

a couple of errata in this week’s show: i announced that d’incise, whose new release on consumer waste is featured this week, is from belgium, whereas in fact he is (i believe) from switzerland. or at least lives there. i could be wrong again. in any case, apologies wherever appropriate. i also announced that philip sulidae‘s peripatic quarters release is on the portuguese crónica electronica label, whereas in fact it is on the fine net label run by our good friend yiorgis sakellariou, echomusic. sorry yiorgis. i’m sure you can all understand my scattiness; my head has been in the clouds since spring exploded here in estonia, with clear blue skies and 20C days. i’ve been busy rediscovering the forests, planting the garden, and mulching the asparagus. so one or two slips of the tongue can surely be forgiven.

meanwhile, the above mentioned sounds are joined here by another absolutely outstanding release (this one from 2012) by the french (yes, i’m sure) namblard brothers, featuring long recordings of the roars of stags in the the forests of les vosges. also more sounds from our recurring aporee segment, including a fascinating recording by peter cusack, documenting a sound recordist being searched under section 44B of the uk’s terrorism act. this was sort of another erratum for me (damn you, sunshine!) as i warned uk recordists to be aware of this possibility; this recording, however, was made in 2007, and the notes point out that the law was repealed in 2010, having been declared a breach of human rights. finally, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the work of lloyd dunn, in the form of him excellent long-running nula fiecasts, to the framework airwaves. we’ve been a long time fan and have been wanted to work them into the shows, but somehow never have. it’s time to remedy that. his extensive body of filecasted work, audio and visual alike, are archived on the website, we recommend a visit.

[time / artist / track / album / label]

00:00 – 06:10  /  sam roberts  /  framework introduction, recorded in germany
[no web info]

03:35 – 07:19  /  felicity ford  /  windchimes and guide/assistance dog  /  drummagh, ireland  /  aporee soundmaps,

05:55 – 16:53  /  marc & olivier namblard  /  in the peat bog  /  brames  /  ouïe/dire,

09:58 – 23:14  /  d’incise  /  [extract 1]  /  impermeability  / consumer waste,

14:02 – 29:44  /  anonymous  /  bombenangriff glockenläuten zum 16.3.1945  /  würzburg, germany  /  aporee soundmaps

18:18 – 29:44  /  luís antero  /  [extract 1]  /  (ANT(i)SOM)  /  crónica,

22:23 – 25:23  /  espaces sonores  /  aung mingalar highway bus station  /  rangoun, myanmar  /  aporee soundmaps

23:06 – 38:13  /  marc & olivier namblard  /  murmuring forest  /  in the peat bog  /  brames  /  ouïe/dire,

33:21 – 39:17  /  philip sulidae  /  insomnia carriage  /  peripatetic quarters  /  echomusic,

38:24 – 47:28  /  nula  /  2456733 – almost forgotten  /  -  /  –

42:33 – 55:08  /  d’incise  /  [extract 2]  /  impermeability  / consumer waste,

45:25 – 55:24  /  philip sulidae  /  centennial night lark  / peripatetic quarters  /  echomusic,

49:39 – 53:19  /  luís antero  /  [extract 2]  /  (ANT(i)SOM)  /  crónica,

55:10 – 57:00  /  peter cusack  /  searched under section 44B of the terrorism act  /  london, uk  /  aporee soundmaps,

patrick 2014, regular edition

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    1. it’s an excellent disc, rob. other great sounds from the namblard brothers, from their more recent ‘cevennes’ release, were featured not that long ago in show #457.

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