459tony whitehead & jeph jerman, underwater, impulsive habitat, 2014

many thanks to those of you who took place in my first framework introduction competition – as i announced a in edition #457, the names of all producers of framework intros received between then and the release of edition #458 were tossed in a (virtual) hat, and one was picked. congrats to jeremy hegge, who will now receive an issue of framework:seasonal of his choice, delivered for free by the finest postal services to his home.

i like this raffle idea, so i will do it again someday, but i can’t afford to do it every week, so in the meantime you can continue sending your intros simply from the goodness of your heart! we always need them, so keep recording!

speaking of intros, this edition began with our first ever intro translated into a language created by the recordist, as james worse graced our airwaves with his own worsicle tongue. check out his spoken word work, and his great beard, on his soundcloud page. we also featured jeph jerman and tony whitehead‘s collaborative project underwater, for which sounds recorded underwater were exchanged back and forth by the two, before the final master tape itself was submerged for a time. what we here is what was left when it came up.

other great sounds in this edition came to us from the new-to-us (though not at all new, having begun in 1993) ouïe-dire productions (more from them soon), and framework regular imprints mystery sea, gruenrekorder, and baskaru.

[time / artist / track / album / label]

00:00 – 04:36  /  james worse  /  framework introduction, recorded in england

01:48 – 14:01  /  tony whitehead  /  fluid  /  underwater  /  impulsive habitat
http://www.tonywhitehead.org, http://www.impulsivehabitat.com

05:10 – 14:21  /  rodolphe alexis  /  syndicate reserve at dusk  / mornes diablotins  /  gruenrekorder
http://www.rodolphe-alexis.info, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

08:11 – 23:24  /  france jobin  /  0  /  the illusion of infinitesimal /  baskaru
http://www.i8u.com, http://www.baskaru.com

16:02 – 28:23  /  james wyness  /  [extract 1]  /  stultifera navis  / mystery sea
http://www.wyness.org, http://www.mysterysea.net

22:42 – 36:37  /  marc pichelin  /  [track 1]  /  nuit  /  ouïe-dire
http://ouiedire.com/artistes/marc-pichelin, http://ouiedire.com

31:57 – 45:14  /  jeph jerman  /  fluid  /  underwater  /  impulsive habitat
https://soundcloud.com/jeph-jerman, http://www.impulsivehabitat.com

36:25 – 48:38  /  rodolphe alexis  /  a night in grand bay  /  mornes diablotins  /  gruenrekorder
http://www.rodolphe-alexis.info, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

40:29 – 54:19  /  france jobin  /  +1  /  the illusion of infinitesimal  /  baskaru
http://www.i8u.com, http://www.baskaru.com

44:27 – 57:00  / james wyness  /  [extract 2]  /  stultifera navis  / mystery sea
http://www.wyness.org, http://www.mysterysea.net

patrick 2014, regular edition

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