this edition of framework:afield, entitled earwigs, has been produced by yannick dauby and his students from the national taiwan university. for more information on yannick and his work see notes on the show:


A series of projects by the students of the class Soundscape and Sound Art taught by Yannick Dauby & Chien-Chang Yang (楊建章), with the assistance of Yi-Ju Hsieh (謝宜儒). After a few weeks of sharing, discussion, listening exercises and field recording practice, the students present during this class (September to December 2013, Institute of Musicology, National Taiwan University) began a collective work, exploring a topic through listening, interviews and environmental recordings.

1. A Day In NTU
by Malachi McGee (李旭豐), Cyrielle Belbezier & Chan-Peng Liu (劉展鵬)

Arriving as exchange students at National Taiwan University, our ears were greeted by a cacophony of foreign sound. We heard the spinning and whirring of bicycle wheels, and the crisp voice of the bell as it called us to class. We heard the roar of the restaurants full of customers hungry, and the rumble of buses behind a red traffic light. We heard the sizzle of dumplings on a blue plastic plate, and long trails of Chinese that hung warm on the air. Within each day, we found a sonic feast, and our ears devoured each course until we came to know many of them quite well. They are the sounds that haunt the soundscape of National Taiwan University. When we leave and return to our own countries, we take a piece of that soundscape with us, to echo softly in the chambers of our hearts, forever.

2. You Throw, Then I Pick
by Tzu-Ying Chuang (莊子瑩), Yi-Fan Liu (劉亦凡), Shun-Te Wang (王順德) & Pei-Ling Wu (吳沛綾)

How/What do Taiwanese do with garbage?

The music from trash trucks starts on time, every day, floating over the flourishing city. Consumption, abandonment, people creates large amount of garbage during their daily life. At the same time, trashes are picked up by some of the citizens, who live through the meager income by selling the recyclable things.

The project is made to show this kind of special relationship between people, garbage and the whole environment in Taiwan. By this work, we want to review the country we live in a unique way, and introduce it to the whole world.

3. A Temple Named Lungshan
by Che Pai (白哲) & Ya-Lan Yu (俞雅嵐)

As a specific landscape of social and religious meanings in abundance , Longshan Temple has various kinds of sounds. In this project we focus on the people who shows their piety to God. Interestingly, we find that most prayers in the temple we recorded are from women.  These sounds show how people get their wills heard by God through certain rituals. At the later part, an old man with crutch walks out the temple. we follow his ticking steps and stop in front of a remodeled motorbike. Facing the very gate of the temple, the owner starts playing his Exhortatory song. All these sounds combine with the concept of divinity and closely relate to Taiwanese daily life.

On the other aspect, due to restrictions on time and thesis,we cut off sounds around this area: the group gambling, hooker advertising, local market life and so on. These sounds may be developed into another work in the future which deals with secular life outside Longshang Temple.

4. Tea Factory In Hsinchu (新竹)
by Simón Rodríguez Iglesias (羅西蒙), Hyunyoo Park (朴炫惟) and Wan-Hsuan Wang (王婉璇)

Tradition and culture are transforming as time moves on. Also, it shows different impression from different perspectives.

This project focus on the specific tea culture in taiwan. Taiwanese tea culture has a hundred years of history, but the tea related business has been gradually forgotten as policy put more emphasis on technology development. However, it revised into another form, making people in Taiwan can still appreciate this beautiful tradition.

We aimed to record how people who work in the tea factory react to this kind of transition, how visitors think of this culture and how this old culture polish itself to fit in nowadays’ world.

5. Baseball Game In Taiwan
by Chung Ai (鍾愛) & Chun-Chieh CHANG  (張鈞傑)

Baseball game is the most popular sport game in Taiwan. People from all ages gather into the baseball field, cheering for favorite teams, spending a good time with families and friends, and best of all, enjoying the most exciting, contagious atmosphere that most represent baseball games in Taiwan.

6. TEAing Satoyama Ping-Lin
by Run-Lin Huang(黃潤琳) &   Chih-Yang Chang(張智揚)

This is not only a sound of Ping-Lin, it’s also the action of students who are providing their best care of Satoyama Ping-lin. By working with local tea farmers, organic farming instead of using fertilizer, branding and selling Taiwan Blue-Magpie Tea, the action of Organic TEAgriculture and Blue Magpie Conservation is taken place step by step everyday.

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