this edition of framework:afield, entitled forth valley royal hospital – a portrait in sound, has been produced in scotland by regular contributor mark vernon. For more information see http://www.meagreresource.com. some notes from the producer:

this program is a sound portrait of forth valley royal hospital produced by digital artist in residence, mark vernon. this composed soundscape was created from recordings made in a variety of hospital departments over the past year and a half. it also includes conversations with staff about their own perception of the sound environment they work in. from robots in the basement transporting dirty linen and waste to hi-tech automated dummies in the simulation centre, special access was granted to record behind the scenes and highlight some of the vital jobs and equipment that keep the hospital ticking – unbeknownst to the majority of patients.

in addition to forth valley royal, recordings were also made in stirling and falkirk community hospitals. special thanks to all staff and patients at NHS forth valley hospitals for their help and cooperation.

the sounds that make up this piece were recorded in the following departments: anaesthesiology, clinical simulation centre, health records, reception, laboratories, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, oral and maxillofacial, radiology, nuclear medicine, mail room, neonatal unit, pharmacy, renal unit and speech and language therapy services.

patrick 2013, framework:afield

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  1. Mark: I really appreciated this piece. I spent a month in the ICU and in recovery at a local hospital and I remember what an odd soundscape that place was. So many of these sounds were present there and familiar to me. Great subject for a framework episode and very expertly put together with the interviews, the sounds, and the framing of the material.

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