this edition of framework:afield has been produced in germany bu udo noll. for more information see notes from the producer:

This work was created for the series PARADISELOST – blown backwards into the future, curated by Marold Langer Philippsen and broadcast first on Kunstradio / ORF Austria, March 31, 2013.

12 artists, musicians and composers were invited to create a piece on each of the 12 books of John Milton’s 17th century epic poem of the same name.

This collage consists of my own field recordings from recent years, and the findings of nightly journeys into the short wave radio space and other ethereal regions.

Texture and colors are not untinged by uncertain memories, personal narrative and biographical fictions.

Two poems are in between the 3 parts, Gottfried Benn’s “Verlorenes Ich” (“Forsaken I”) and a fragment by Jürgen Becker, which invokes the idea of a listener able to tap into a cacophonic global phone call. Surrounding single spoken words are from a former work about the ancient ether.

Special thanks go to Peter Cusack for his recording of a radiometer in Kopachi, Chernobyl area, released on the CD ‘Sounds from Dangerous Places’, and also to Andrej Hrvatin for his Free Clarinet Jamming with Cricket and Transformer, from Maribor, Slovenia.

patrick 2013, framework:afield

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