this edition of framework:afield has been produced by marcos fernandes in observation of world listening day 2013. world listening day is co-organised by the world listening project ( and the midwest society for acoustic ecology ( in their own words:

World Listening Day has been happening annually on July 18 since 2010, and the fourth annual World Listening Day happens on Thursday, July 18. The purposes of World Listening Day are:

  • to celebrate the practice of listening as it relates to the world around us, environmental awareness, and acoustic ecology;
  • to raise awareness about issues related to the World Soundscape Project, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, World Listening Project, and individual and group efforts to creatively explore phonography;
  • and to design and implement educational initiatives which explore these concepts and practices.

July 18 was chosen as the date because it is the birthday of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, who is celebrating his 80th birthday this year.

for more information and to find out how you can participate in world listening day 2013 please visit

and a few words from marcos about this show:

I was recently asked to put together a show on the theme of World Listening Day. What I have assembled are recordings made during WLD events organized by the Tokyo Phonographers Union. The TPU has presented a WLD event every year since its inception in 2010. The opening phonograph is one that I made at Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada and I used this as the opening piece at the first WLD event held at 20202 Gallery in Tokyo in 2010. (I thought it was appropriate as we were honoring R murray Shafer’s birthday.) The second piece is an excerpt of an improvisation using field recordings by Tomoyoshi Date, Corey Fuller, Nobuhiko Nakayama, Carl Stone and myself at WLD 2010. The third piece is an improvisation, this time by Jez Riley French, Hiroki Sasajima, sawako, Eisuke Yanagisawa and myself, from WLD 2012 held at Ikejiri Institute of Design in Tokyo. The fourth piece is another excerpt from the performance at WLD 2010. The final phonograph was made during a soundwalk led by Keiko Torigoe at Zenpukuji Park in Tokyo as part of WLD 2011. The TPU will celebrate WLD 2013 at Sakura WORKS in Yokohama.

1. 0:00-4:30 – Bird Woman, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada
2. 4:30-19:00 – Tokyo Phonographers Union, 20202 Gallery, WLD 2010.
3. 19:00-35:00 – Tokyo Phonographers Union, IID, WLD 2012.
4. 35:00-51:00 – Tokyo Phonographers Union, 20202 Gallery, WLD 2010.
5. 51:00-55:00 – Soundwalk, Zenpukuji Park, WLD 2011.

Tokyo Phonographers Union

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