this edition of framework:afield, entitled city,  has been produced in germany by d.l. lutz:

In field recording, much of the artist’s energy usually goes into isolating interesting sound sources. Here, in comparison, and according to the topic of the city phenomenon, I was conceptually intrigued by layering sounds until disorientation results. Is it not characteristic for the city that it visually and acoustically overwhelms the individual, and that the individual constantly tries to orient itself by filtering and excluding input?

Where am I? Who am I? Where did I want to go to, and what for? What does it have to do with me? Do I understand what I hear? Do the things I hear speak to me or not, do they stabilize my identity or rather erode it? – Starting point for that journey was a homage to Christophe Charles’ musical method of „undirected“ composing that I like very much; by putting pieces of his together, however, thematic tendencies happened to result. So this earscape is an expedition into the Global City of Japan, France, India, the Netherlands, the United States, Kenia, Denmark, Thailand, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Italy. The piece presented here is a condensed version exclusively mixed for framework. Enjoy some chaos!

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this mail. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

(source notes)

  • Intro / Textures 1’ – 21’
  • Traffic Scherzo 8’ – 20’
  • Cultural Intercourse 20’ – 38’
  • Messages 32’ – 46’
  • Echoes And Models 45’ – 57’

Used sources:
Christophe Charles: Joyamai / Next Point / Kalkutta Kreis / Narita II (Noon) / Mobile Opinions; Source:
Terry Maedche: Night Train, Little Italy San Diego; Source: Soundcloud
Staalplaat Soundsystem: Station To Station / Closed Enough / Yokomono-Pro-Gent; Source: Soundcloud, Creative Commons License, 2011
World Listening Day, Africa: Nairobi Streets; Source: Soundcloud, Creative Commons License, 2011
Radio Continental Drift: Paris Bar; Source: Soundcloud, Creative Commons License, 2011
Cinningbao: Gardon; Source: Soundcloud, 2011
Manuke: Sound Of Tokyo #3 / #4; Source: Soundcloud, 2010
ICD: Sex, Drugs & Tourism / Animal Farm; Source: Soundcloud, 2011
Darage Bang: Urban Tryptich II (Riding The City); Source: Soundcloud, c. 2010
Einzelganger: Westend Collected; Source: Soundcloud, Creative Commons License, 2010
Hans W. Koch: Orpheus @ Home; Source: „Orpheus 400“ album, DEGEM CD 9, cybele records 2007
Roxanne Turcotte: T’Es Le Fun Telephone; Source: „Amore“ mini-album, Empreintes digitales, Montreal 1994
Yves Daust: Suite Baroque; Source: F. Dhomont: „Frankenstein Symphony“, Asphodel Records, 1997
D. L. Lutz: Musignano / Otreno; Source: own archives
People Like Us: The Bits In Between; Source: Touch Radio #10,
Tuxedomoon: Remote (Pralaya); Source: Bardo Hotel Soundtrack, Crammed Records, 2006
Mark Rushton: The Difference Between A Memoir And An Autobiography; Source: Soundcloud, 2010
мƴɾℴsɭɒω бƴt: Interstate 81 C.B.; Source: Soundcloud, Creative Commons License, 2008
Minor’s Diner: Wer wir sind; Source: Tolle Wurst, Eigenverlag, 2006

patrick 2013, framework:afield

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