joda clément, the narrowsjoda clément, the narrows

well folks, with this show we’re rounding up our year, and we’ll be taking 2 weeks off from new programming for a little holiday break before coming back with our first new edition of 2013 on january 13th. 2012 has been an eventful year for framework – we had our tenth birthday in june, quietly aired our 400th (!) show a few weeks ago, began our new framework:ephemera series, and released 2 new issues of our ongoing framework:seasonal audio magazine. we also welcomed 2 new stations to the framework broadcast family, radio marÅ¡, in maribor, slovenia at the beginning of the year, and radio nouspace, in vancouver, usa, who joined us just recently with our 400th edition.

and of course, in this holiday season, you won’t get away without being reminded that: we couldn’t do it without you! we receive no external funding or support, except from the community of artists who provide the amazing work that we air, and we rely on support from our listeners to be able to keep doing what we do! producing a show like framework consistently for over 10 years in no simple task – please, if you listen to the show, and if you appreciate our work, show us by donating. you can sign up to make an automatic monthly donation of as little as 1€ per month, or you can make a one-time donation of an amount of your choice. and you don’t need to do it only out of the goodness of your heart – there is material compensation as well! in exchange for your donation you can pick out one or more of our great series of framework:seasonal releases, now on it’s 3rd issue, the most recent featuring a 2.5 hour recording by the great chris watson. this is the last time i’m going to hit you over the head with this, at least for this year. go to the framework website, show your generous spirit, and give!

so after several months of exploring our new framework:ephemera format, we returned this week with one last regular edition before our break, featuring a selection of recent releases that we’ve been eagerly awaiting getting on the air to you. we’ve got a big stack of discs from the unfathomless label that we’re just starting to dig into, including this one from joda clément, and a beautiful pile of unreleased work from sebastiane hegarty that we’ve had for so long they’ve all now been slated for release on by the great gruenrekorder label. we’ve also had this vinyl-only release of norwegian soundscapes by elin øyen vister waiting for a long time, as well as this latest release from longtimeframework contributor and supporter emmanuel mieville composed from field recordings from taiwan, nepal and malaysia. to this we added a very interesting release on the portuguese crónicalabel by ephraim wegner and julia weinmann, a sound and image collaboration featuring a cd of compositional work and a collection of photographs for which all sources were taken in the ruins of old hotels.  and finally we had a healthy dose of self-promotion in the form my my own projectmurmer’s latest release (which not-entirely-coincidentally shares its name with this radio broadcast) from the malaysian herbal international label. this all began with a framework introduction from one or the students at muhlenberg college in allentown, pa that i had the pleasure to work with earlier this fall, cynthia fong.

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this mail. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

have a great end of 2012, and we’ll see you next year!

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 03:20  /  cynthia fong  /  framework introduction
[no web info]

01:59 – 03:59  /  ephraim wegner & julia weinmann  /  1_1  /  eins bis sechzehn  /  crónica,

02:38 – 07:04  /  elin øyen vister  /  ebb and flow through seaweed  / soundscape røst – spaces and species vol.1  /  leynar recordings,

03:54 – 14:55  /  joda clément  /  [extract 1]  /  the narrows  / unfathomless,

07:57 – 12:05  /  murmer  /  epilogue [seaside flagpoles]  /  framework 1-4  /  herbal international,

09:12 – 15:18  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  hengistbury head  / southerlies  /  gruenrekorder,

12:02 – 22:31  /  emmanuel mieville  /  nyorai  /  buddha – anima – asia  /  observatiore,

17:58 – 24:59  /  elin øyen vister  /  midsummer in hernykens eastern skree  /  soundscape røst – spaces and species vol.1  /  leynar recordings,

23:18 – 31:44  /  ephraim wegner & julia weinmann  /  5_1 5_2 5_3 5_4 5_5  /  eins bis sechzehn  /  crónica,

26:12 – 40:41  /  joda clément  /  [extract 2]  /  the narrows  / unfathomless,

26:54 – 39:22  /  framework 3 [swarm]  /  framework 1-4  /  herbal international,

38:36 – 44:41  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  hamble  /  southerlies  / gruenrekorder,

42:01 – 47:23  /  elin øyen vister  /  the kittiwakes of kÃ¥røya  / soundscape røst – spaces and species vol.1  /  leynar recordings,

44:02 – 52:12  /  emmanuel mieville  /  peikang matsu  /  buddha – anima – asia  /  observatiore,

46:25 – 48:26  /  ephraim wegner & julia weinmann  /  4_1 4_2 4_3 4_4  /  eins bis sechzehn  /  crónica,

47:31 – 51:41  /  murmer  /  epilogue [irrigation drain]  /  framework 1-4  /  herbal international,

48:08 – 54:14  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  watercress line  /  southerlies  /  gruenrekorder,

49:34 – 55:29  /  elin øyen vister  /  summer rain in midnightsun  / soundscape røst – spaces and species vol.1  /  leynar recordings,

51:07 – 53:08  /  ephraim wegner & julia weinmann  /  6_1  /  eins bis sechzehn  /  crónica,

52:22 – 57:00  /  elin øyen vister  /  the birdcliffs of vedøy  / soundscape røst – spaces and species vol.1  /  leynar recordings,

patrick 2012, regular edition

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