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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in canada by france jobin, and is the latest installment in her ongoing series, these are a few of my favorite things. for more information see her website at from the producer:

As mentioned in earlier installments, my interpretation of field recording based works, is very broad however, the thread I like to follow is to find artists who have mastered  their unique identity through the music of sound.

This edition of “my favorite things”, is devoted to a particular live event that happened in Montreal in May 2011, and i was lucky enough to attend.

Musique d’impression

Three composers, here and abroad, two live performances and a presentation of audio book.

The young and dynamic organization of electroacoustic music Ekumen Montreal, is investing again, in an intimate and unusual presentation, this time, music, printing and its surroundings.

The event invaded, the  book binding studio of Cecile Cote, a small universe of stories printed, ready to be told, to take life and mix with the presence and the imagination of each.

Ekumen offered a unique opportunity for Montrealers to visit or revisit Geographic Words, the sound performance of the internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Herman Kolgen, to get carried away by the merger Sieste05 haunting book, created by the composer Olivier Girouard and graphics by Urban9 or discover through “The underneath of things”, the world premiere of the universe purring and delicate sound of British artist Orla Wren.

Travel, sound and magnetic proximity between artist, audience and venue Inspired by the intimacy of the place and a magnetic proximity exacerbated with the public, each artist offers a work that manipulates and reinvents the laws of the size, but takes its support on a very human scale. Through a multidirectional interplay, each confronts a series of unexpected encounters solitary or in common. The public is propelled, elastic jump, a leaping camera revealing voluptuous relative breaths , fragile voice or laughing, without reference to an environment where successive points and leaks resonate.

Three works

Geographic words, the very gripping and poetic performance offset by Herman Kolgen suddenly eradicates our dreams inside our thoughts to bring to light and melt back into the mass of sound that envelops us.

Facing the book Sieste05 Olivier Girouard & Urban9, connected by Cecile herself, our daydreams find the comfort of their intimate loneliness and gives way to a sound space that forms the imagination.

The underneath of things, the performance of Orla Wren Music is specially created for printing. The artist is inspired by the real machine tools and workshop revealing macroscopic details , often hidden around us, and its profound effect on the sensory experience of life, to listen and to hear.

Tracks – Artists – Websites

Geographic words – Herman Kolgen –
sieste_05 – Olivier & Urban9 –
The underneath of things – Orla Wren –

Ekumen is an organisation that facilitates the gathering of artists and the exploration of sound art and electroacoustic music.

Artistic director since December 2010, Olivier Girouard is pursuing Ekumen’s mandate to offer a space for local and international creation and dissemination, as well as supporting the production of works and publications.

Ekumen stands out not only by proposing original listening situations – making music with unusual objects in atypical places, but also through a constant thirst for exchange and the integration of other art forms and techniques. Research, curiosity and the unearthing of a variety of platforms to present work to an audience: these are integral elements of Ekumen’s creativity.

Ekumen moves the soundscapes we speak of – instead of contemplating them, we travel inside.

patrick 2012, framework:afield

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