this edition of framework:afield has been produced by alan dunn and chris watson in collaboration with students from the school of art, architecture and design at leeds metropolitan university.

Markets to maggots

Leeds Metropolitan University, Alan Dunn & Chris Watson

‘Markets to maggots’ is a selection of field recordings made by students from the School of Art, Architecture and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University over the past three years, collaborating with Alan Dunn and the sound recordist Chris Watson.

Each year a group of students work with Chris around Leeds, building their own contact microphones, experimenting with hydrophones or working with ‘bat detectors’ to create unique new audio portraits of Leeds at various times of the day. In this selection we hear numerous original recordings and edited compositions ranging from the sound of inside a pinball machine, night-time acoustics under the rail bridge by the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and the microscopic sounds of maggots.

Students: Nicky Hamer, Sean Fahey, Lucy Aaronson, Emily Simpson, Verity Hatfield, Manni Cowlin-Zala, Alexander Hall, Abigail Durham, Dania Kooner, Bijan Moosavi, Huw Andrews, Chris Leete, Rob Blackburn, Amy Leech, Sam Elliott, Elisa Grasso and Chloe Plumb.

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