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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in australia by jay-dea lopez. for more information see his website at from jay-dea:

The Menace of Sound

We often think of the sonic world in binary terms: beautiful verses ugly (sound verses noise). While there is some validity in these categories I would suggest that the two cannot exist in isolation from each other. There is a point at where the two extremes must meet, bleeding into an ambiguous domain that haunts the listener with its uncertainty. For me this domain is where the most interesting experiences can be found for both the artist and the audience.

In this show the simple sounds of crickets, wind, wire, bridge cables, commercial spaces, and seals are recontextualised into a world which resonates with menace. It is to the artists’ credit that they never resort to cheap theatrics, instead choosing to build tension through well-crafted layerings and juxtapositions of natural and industrial sounds.

(time / artist / track  / label)

01:20-11:54  /  Hildergard Westerkamp  /  Cricket Voice  /  empreintes DIGITALes

11:54-21:26  /  Craig Vear  /  Cravasse Blue  /  Mille Plateau

21:26-22:31  /  Robert Noone and Michael Paul  /  Seal Sounds (fragment – from the movie Encounters at the End of the World)   /  THINK Film

22:31-27:35  /  Simon Wetham  /  Connections (fragment)  /  3leaves

27:35-30:11  /  The Wired Lab  /  Sputnik Wires (fragment)  /

30:11-35:10  /  Philip Reeder  /  Sail Song  /

35:10-36:45  /  David Burraston  /  Bee Hive  /

36:45-50:27  /  Michael Trommer  /  Greyfields  /  Audio Gourmet

50:27-54:16  /  James Wyness  /  The Bridge (fragment)  /  Green Field Recordings

54:16-56:20  /  Robert Noone and Michael Paul  /  Seal Sounds (fragment – from the movie Encounters at the End of the World)   /  THINK Film

patrick 2012, framework:afield

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