this week’s framework:afield is the second in a two-part series. it has been coordinated and produced in berlin and the uk by valeria merlini and felicity ford, and it features mixes and recordings made by participants in the documenting sound workshop held at this year’s audiograft festival in the uk. featuring recordings and conversations, this show documents the festival while also reflecting on the practice of field-recording and sonic documentary creation. recordings were made by felicity ford, valeria merlini, charlotte heffernan, toby o’connor, christina bringmann-smith and kim laugs, and these recordings detail the varied works showcased at the audiograft festival 2012, organised by the sonic art research unit at oxford brookes university.

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field-recordings made at Oxford Brookes University, Headington Hill Campus

cable/current recorded with electric coil pickup at the Old Fire Station Gallery, Oxford, at New Works: Manfred Werder, Ben Owen and Patrick Farmer, Audiograft 2012

microphone demonstration by Felicity and Valeria at Documenting Sound Workshop, Audiograft 2012

playing with the Audio Technica BP4029; ambient University campus sounds recorded with Naiant X-X omni-directional microphones; the railings of the Linnahall in Tallinn recorded with contact microphones; and Charlotte’s binaural recording of cars in Oxford city centre, passing from left to right

going to the Old Fire Station Gallery, Oxford, to visit New Works: Manfred Werder, Ben Owen and Patrick Farmer, Audiograft 2012

field-recordings and interviews with Shirley Pegna and Patrick Farmer made at New Works: Manfred Werder, Ben Owen and Patrick Farmer

student performance, Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University

Kim Laug’s recording of, and comments re: the entrance door at the Richard Hamilton Building

Christina playing with a broken piano in the corridors of the Richard Hamilton Building

Charlotte discusses the chronology of the launch-event at Audiograft 2012

Towards an Excellent Finish by Felicity Ford and Stavroula Kounadea

Guitar Drag by Christian Marclay, performed/realised/revised by Lee Riley at Oxford Brookes University. Binaural recording made and mixed by Charlotte

Cartridge Music by John Cage, performed by Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Lee Patterson, Robert Curgenven, Patrick Farmer, Ferran Fages, Daniel Jones and Stephen Cornford recorded inside and outside the drama studio

Charlotte and Felicity discuss visibility/invisibility of sources of sounds

Felicity talks about what she heard outside the Drama Studio during Cartridge Music and how the performance mixed with the ambient sounds of the environment

Mike Blow talks about Solar Work solar-powered oscillators suspended in the trees around the Richard Hamilton Building during Audiograft

multiple field-recordings of Solar Work created during a Soundwalk undertaken as part of the Documenting Sound workshop

field-recordings of Shirley Pegna’s work, exploring soundwaves travelling through the body and through surfaces and materials of varying densities. Interview and sounds mixed by Charlotte

we all discuss a sound we remember specifically from the day before

three different recordings of an aeroplane passing over the streets of Oxford; one recording of the sounds in the streets directly after the aeroplane; a recording of a quiet moment from the concert at the Holywell Music Room

Lost & Found Concert, Holywell Music Room, including Cover Me Cage by Kerry Yong; Geese by Ben Owen realised by the Albion Players; Harp & Things by Felicity Ford; new works by Tim Parkinson (taken from a Consumer Survey) performed by Parkinson & Saunders; recordings made from inside a cupboard outside the main hall by Toby during the second half of the concert

Trevor Wishart introducing his work at the Diffusion concert in the Jacqueline Du Pres building, Oxford

interviews and field-recordings from the Diffusion concert, including David Prior, Trevor Wishart and audience comments

Ricercare by Paul Whitty performed outside Modern Art Oxford during Audiograft 2012 – field recordings from close-up to the performance, and several streets away

Charlotte talks about performing in Ricercare

electric door at Modern Art Oxford

field-recordings from the final concert of Audiograft at Modern Art Oxford, including Lee Patterson & Robert Curgenven; Cremaster (Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Ferran Fages); Uniform; Brett Gordon & Kostis Kilymis (some recordings were made inside the kitchen at Modern Art Oxford by Toby O’Connor)

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