this is the last in a 4-part series of programs produced by the participants of the field-recording and creative radio workshop, which took place at the digital media centre at south hill park, uk, in october 2010. this edition has been produced by lisa hall. for more information see, or http://lisa– from the producer:

‘Plan for Space; urban space’
volume 3, sonic edition

“The right to the city” is the ability of citizens acting individually and collectively, often outside of the institutional framework, to shape urban experience according to their wants and needs.

This edition of the Plan for Space is the third in a series of architectural investigations. The plans study selected locations in order to understand the impact it has upon its users and interactions taking place within it. The intention of the architecture is weighed against the actuality of its use and often a rift is identified. Sonic interventions are devised to site specifically explore the notion of the rift. The experiments either attempt to expose the rift, propose a remedy or simply try encourage existing unexpected uses, always exploring the cause and effect possibilities of sound. Methods and research are outlined and discussed, and conclusions are occasionally drawn.

Fundamentally these experiments are fruitless acts, handmade sonic gestures often only partially attempting to cause effect. These sonic experiments are structured within a framework of faux architectural plans to give weight to a separate argument. Within the logical structure of research, aims, and outcomes, a simple exercise of attempting to exert control over our own environments is clearly visible. The plans intend to open discussion about how the built environment can have effect upon individuals within it and also to question our own abilities to affect our spaces. These ‘Plans’ invite an audience to a spectacle of enjoyable failure, of sonic investigations and experiments.

patrick 2011, framework:afield

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