this is the 3nd in a series of programs produced by the participants of the field-recording and creative radio workshop which took place at the digital media centre at south hill park, uk, in october 2010. this edition, do they move you?, has been produced by thea stallwood. for more information see, or from the producer:

Do They Move You?

Come follow me.
What convinced you?
My automated voices? My inanimate bleep? My roars of traffic or angering of flocks of birds?

The sounds of the city manouvering us about, from here, to there, like cattle led by the nose.

‘Do I move you, are you willin’…?
Do I move you, are you loose now?
The answer better be yes, yes.
It pleases me.’

As ever, Nina Simone, is scathingly succinct.

patrick 2011, framework:afield

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