here it is folks – another jubilee – our 350th show! these anniversaries are coming so hard and fast now that we’ve sort of stopped making such a big deal out of them, but think about it: that’s 350 weeks, 112 months, almost 10 years of programming, 350 hours of radio since the 22nd of june 2002. if you wanted to have a framework marathon (and i’m sure you do) you could listen to framework non-stop, 24 hours a day, for over 2 weeks. go ahead. try it.

so folks, forgive my insistence, but here’s an anniversary, and now’s the time: help us continue for another 350. if you enjoy the show, donate! help us pay our studio rent, help us buy records to air, help us eat a sandwich now and again. if you like the show, if you listen regularly, please!, consider a monthly subscription of just €5, or even €1, per month. you can donate just 25 cents per show that you download freely every week and know that you are helping keep us on the air. i’d point out it’s just the price of a cup of coffee, but if you know where to get a cup of coffee for €1, please let me know. what’s more, in exchange your donation you can get a copy of our new framework seasonal compilation as a thank you, or even one of the last few copies of the framework250 compilations. give! now!

so this 350th edition is the 2nd in a series of programs produced by the participants of the field-recording and creative radio workshop which took place at the digital media centre at south hill park, uk, in october 2010. this edition has been produced by jane pitt. for more information see from the producer:

North Kent Fl-ut-ter-ances
Follows a band of ‘Fl-utter-ers’ across North Kent from Medway to Sheppey. Led by Jane Pitt they made a series of Listening Walks in public in-between spaces and island edges. Phonically describing the volume and shape of the places they encountered; in a ‘language’ initially based on the phonetic description of local birds calls as found in field guides (i.e. kraaah = crow; t’ssit’ssit’ssit = mipit) it developed to include invented non-lexical vocalisations that uniquely described each place, resulting in several co-devised and uttered sound poems heard here performed in the ‘field’.
Thanks to Sue, Keith, Allison, Peter, Steve, Chrissie, Wendy, Paivi, Jonathan, Stephen and Mike.

patrick 2011, framework:afield

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