this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by joe stevens. for more information see about the programme:

This framework:afield documents the creative collaboration between South Dartmoor Community College, 271 Year 8 students and Joe Stevens, as part of The School Looks Around Project. The project aimed to use creativity to make the local area and issues of society and citizenship come alive for young people, and establish new and lasting connections between students, schools and their communities.

The audio features a Dartmoor soundscape with the students description of the landscape, in a combination of spoken word and background sounds.

The idea for The School Looks Around originated from the rediscovery of a publication of the same name written in 1948, which promoted the idea of the local survey as an adventurous and open-ended process, a ‘voyage of discovery into the life, history and organization of the locality’.

The School Looks Around has been developed by Daisi, in partnership with Devon County Council Libraries, Devon Record Office, Publica (London) and Whitechapel Gallery (London), and participating Devon Schools.

The School Looks Around is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Devon County Council.

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