this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by simon whetham. simon says:

For two weeks through April 2011, Simon Whetham ran field recording workshops. Invited by Masters student David Velez (Impulsive Habitat) and Masters Director David Lozano, he spent a week demonstrating listening excercises, works by artists using field recordings, recording equipment and techniques. The second week covered simple editing and composition techniques, with the students producing a 5-10 minute track each. All the recordings by the participant were collected and pooled on a soundcloud page for anyone from the workshop to use, however, interestingly, most of the students tended to work on their own recordings, creating a very personal and individual piece…
The work contained in the show is by the following participants: Cristian Paez, Catalina Bonilla, Leonardo Lopez, Maria Isaza, Claudia Prieto, Silvia Prieto, Mariana Renthel, Claudia Puentes, Juliana Gonzales and David Velez.

My thanks once again to David Velez and the rest of the staff and students of the University for their invitation, support and enthusiasm; Roberto Garcia (for liberating the sound system for the concert!) and a special thanks to Ana Gabriela Jimenez Devia.

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