this is the third of a three-part series of framework:afield editions produced by jim haynes in san fransicso, and featuring works for the 2011′s activating the medium festival, which took place in april. for more information see from the website:

Each year, 23five curates Activating The Medium around a specific theme that seeks to underscore the connectivity between artists working with various methods and materials. Previous festivals have explored field recording, mimesis, the architectural impact from sound, and many other concepts and themes. The 2011 festival explores the use of radio through composition and new media presentation. Looking back to the seminal works of Stockhausen, Cage, and Tenney through the culture jamming theatrics of Negativland and into the psychological minimalism of John Duncan, radio has served an invaluable and expressive tool within the continued history of avant-garde composition. Hence, 23five will present works including Richard Garet’s grey-noise constructions mined from radio interference and electromagnetic disturbances and Byron Westbrook’s multichannel diffusion of live transmission and reception of radio signals.

23five has collected works from numerous sound artists who have used radio as a principle medium in composition for the purpose of being broadcast over the radiowaves. Most tracks commissioned for this series are exclusive to the radio series.

Participants include:
Antimatter, Jorge Bachmann, Leticia Castaneda, Tim Catlin, John Davis, John Duncan, Adrian Dziewanski, Leif Elggren, Richard Garet, Camilla Hannan, Jim Haynes, irr. app. (ext.), Jason Kahn, Jim Kaiser, Ben Owen, Adam Pacione, Dave Phillips, RAJAR, Rale, Lisa Seitz, Colin Andrew Sheffield, Adam Sonderberg, Giancarlo Toniutti, Vertonen, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Yan Jun


Activating The Medium : Radio Transmissions : Chapter Three

1 : John Duncan : Phantom Broadcast (edit)
2 : Adrian Dziewanski : Mutations
3 : Jorge Bachmann : Afflatus
4 : John Davis : Untitled
5 : Colin Andrew Sheff ield : Silents
6 : Colin Andrew Sheffield : Reflection
7 : Camilla Hannan : Honiara
8 : Rajar : How to Identify Signs of Structural Damage Among Other Things

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