welcome to framework‘s new year!  after many, many months of heavy traveling, we’ve finally come home to tartu to settle until at least the beginning of march (which, believe it or not, seems like a long time to stay put).  we have some exciting plans for 2011, including, of course, a new series of :afield shows, a new framework cd series, and hopefully some new stations joining the framework fold.  the website has recently been revamped and is now up and running, and we will be continuing the task of uploading past shows into the archive.  and activity on our facebook page is growing; we hope that people will use it as a bulletin board, posting pertinent info, as both gill arno and zoot zujiva have recently done, for the framework community.  if you haven’t already, find it here:


but now on to the show: this edition of framework:afield has been produced in vienna, austria by peter kutin, and features a series of field-recordings he made in greece.  for more information on peter’s work, see http://kutin.klingt.org.

patrick 2011, framework:afield

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