this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by rie nakajima in collaboration with london-based piano tuner ken bodden.  the piece is also featured in rie’s current exhibition at london’s soundfjord gallery, entitled i can hear it:

Rie Nakajima with Ken Bodden | I Can Hear It  | 11.XII.2010 – 29.I.2011 | Wed – Sat | noon – 6pm

SoundFjord is delighted to present the work of Rie Nakajima working with Ken Bodden. Rie is an artist working with installation, performance and composition. Ken works as a piano tuner and has collaborated with Rie on a number of listening related works over the past three years.

I Can Hear It is a research project first instigated in the spring of 2007 and continuing on, in various guises, into 2010. Rie uses this research to explore sound and tactility in her sculptural practice and her fascinating with the process of tuning instruments, in this case the piano.

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