this edition of framework:afield, entitled collected ear is the 3rd of 4 editions produced by members of the world listening project, this one in the u.s. (and not in the uk, as i mistakenly said during the show – sorry andy!) by andy armstrong. for more infrormation see andy says:

I tried to focus the show on a somewhat diverse array of raw, relatively unprocessed recordings, calling to attention more personal/unique interpretations of field recording, regardless of fidelity. The idea was to provide you with a seamless conversation between people, objects, and places.

Family Xmas Dinner – Eric Boivin

7 Markers Across a Hallway (excerpt) – Noé Cuéllar

Paradise IV – Paul Connolly

Seagulls and Where They Live – Joe Stevens

Bridge – Andy Armstrong

Doing the Dishes – Björn Eriksson

Megabus 7 Layer Drone – Royl Culbertson

Waves on to a Sandy Beach – Joe Stevens

Lizard – Miles Bowe

Drift Away, Laying on the Beach – Joe Stevens

Washdrone – Royl Culbertson

Old Dog/Spillway – Greaser

patrick 2010, framework:afield

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