this edition has been produced in montreal, canada by regular contributor france jobin, as part of her series my favorite things.  for more information visit her website at  france says:

Framework – i8u – my favorite things (Installment  #4)

Bonjour,  I am france jobin, better know as i8u.  Welcome to  “these are a few of my favorite things”.

As mentioned in earlier installments, my interpretation of field recording based works, is very broad however, the thread I like to follow is to find  artists who have mastered  their unique identity through the music of sound.

This is the 2nd part of “my favorite things” devoted to nvo.  The label is nvo, non visual objects, was founded in 2005 by Heribert Friedl and Raphael Moser. In 2007, nvo released   : Extract, Portraits of Soundartists, a book and 2 cd’s.

The next hour will be devoted to the 2nd cd’s issued as well as excerpts from the book.

from the introduction:

“Since we started the label Nonvisualobjects two years ago, many collaborations with artists worldwide have arisen, a large, growing network has evolved and an extensive body of work has been formed that we would like to explore and try to sum up. The book developed from the idea of presenting an extract of artists involved in the current experimental electro-acoustic music scene, often following a rather reduced approach in their work. We would like to present artists that work in different areas in this field of electro-acoustic music, to cover a large spectrum even in this quite specific area.

With essays, interviews, photos, drawings and other materials presented in this book, we try to look at the motivation and intention behind the sound production from different perspectives, to possibly allow for a new/extended approach to this form of music. Many of the artists involved in this project do not exclusively work with sound, but also in other artistic disciplines. In this book we would like to present these other sides of their work to allow crossreferences/crosslinks to open up new aspects of the music.

The chapters consist of collage-like contributions. Images and text should not necessarily be regarded as complete units, but are open to various possibilites of interpretation.

It was not our intention to present a discourse in theories of art and music. It was also not our wish to present a curated work on a specific topic. Instead we wanted to show very personal portraits created by the artists themselves, which describe their way of working, the methodology of their sound production and which also portray the artist’s physical and not only their intellectual environment – where one lives, things of everyday life, things of interest and inspiration.

In the fast moving times of the digital era, it was also our wish to, at least partly, hold on to an analogue medium. Should the inevitable decay of digitally stored media ever lead to the disappearance of much of contemporary art and culture, the possibility to refer to this book would still remain.”

Heribert Friedl, Raphael Moser (

(track  /  artist  /  website)

1. (hole in a heap)  /  Roel Meelkop  /
2. Split chance  /  Will Montgomery  /
3. Each More Melodious Nothe  /  Tomas Phillips  /
4. air into form/voice into breath  /  Steve Roden  /
5.Aiolos (Vangsaa Interior)  /  Jos Smolders  /
6. Parallel  /  Steinbrüchel  /
7. Nature Out  /  Nao Sugimoto (mondii)
8. Vierte Beisetzung in Wien  /  Asmus Tietchens  /
9. Scenery of vibration/
Listening to the reflection of points /  Toshiya Tsunoda  /
10. Lux Vivens  /  Ubeboet  /
11. Geste  /  Michael Vorfeld  /

patrick 2010, framework:afield

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