this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by martin franklin, and features janek schaefer’s found sound stories workshop, which took place this past autumn. further info:

Found Sound Stories

Original audio and performances by:
Janek Schaefer
Margaret Marks
Felicity Ford
Sarah Britten-Jones
Matthew Scoins
Sheralee Gordon
Thea Stallwood
Sam Levine
Tom Menday
Matt Rose

Workshop weekend led by: Janek Schaefer

Recorded & Produced by: Martin Franklin

South Hill Park Arts Centre is based in a large Georgian mansion house, 25 miles West of London, in Berkshire, UK

In Autumn this year, the media lab at South Hill Park, UK hosted the “Digital Developments” season of creative technology workshops.

Sound artist, Janek Schaefer led a weekend workshop with the title “Found Sound Stories” where he introduced participants to his way of working with vinyl, found sounds, field recordings, digital effects and looping.

The participants spend two days recording and playing with sound manipulation techniques on a large array of devices, ending with the series of duo and trio performances which were recorded to make up the first half of this programme.

Further pieces were contributed after the weekend from Thea Stallwood, Felicity Ford and Margaret Marks. The opening and closing sections of this programme are compositions by Janek Schaefer, made during and shortly after the weekend.

URL for further information:

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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