continuing out slow release of the exclusive tracks that will make up the framework250 compilation at the end of this year – in this edition we heard tracks from scott sherk , giancarlo toniutti, keith de mendonca, and michael northam.  in fact, we received so many contributions for this fund-raising project that we have far too much material for the 2 cds we planned for the compilation.  so!  keep your ears peeled for news in the next few weeks – it’s very possible (although at this point i promise nothing) that we will be producing *2* independent 2cd compilations!  yes, that’s right, 4 cds in all of works made in support of framework and our continuing efforts to bring new sounds to your ears.  these plans, or some other plan, will be finalised, officialised, and producified shortly.

some more info on this weeks’ contributions:

scott sherk  /  victor’s lament – “It’s my recording of the steel sculpture Victor’s Lament by Mark Di Suvero.  I find it interesting that Philip Glass wrote a peice based on the sculpture also called Victor’s Lament.  I recorded the sculpture in a heavy wind storm usind homemade piezo contacts with a diy buffer box.  I recorded in stereo with one piezo on the cables and one on the steel.”

giancarlo toniutti  /  chooramuukk, girasrum (copper-nose, iron-hat) – “Sounds: vine rows field-recorded in Orsaria (Friuli), 7.5.08; wood-scraped cast irons recorded in Udine 1.9.09, environmental whistlings recorded in Udine, 1. & 10.9.09.  Studio work (analogic treatment and filtering) and digital mix down, black room studio september 2009.  Digital mastering: giorgio tomasini.  title is in Malayalam, Dravidian langauge spoken in Kerala, southern India.”

keith de mendonca  /  four nights in lhasa – “I made a short visit to Lhasa in August 2009 to celebrate my birthday – which fortunately coincided with a large local festival in and around the capital. This festival attracted a huge number of people into Lhasa from surrounding areas – adding to the air of excitement and celebration found in the temple fairs, monasteries, and around the old part of the city (as well as an increased military presence on the streets). “Four nights in Lhasa” presents my impression of the festivitives, the celebrations and the religious devotion I witnessed in Tibet during this brief moment of time.”

michael northam  /  kashi – heatdream – (no further info – “tell me what you hear”)

we also heard a series of electromagnetic recordings in this edition from the canadian project absolute value of noise, and several compositions by american-born, european-based (previously germany, currently poland) artist jeff gburek (of whose name, evidently, we had to guess the pronunciation).  all this, plus another framework introduction by french artist cedric anglaret.

00:00 – 03:24  /  cedric anglaret  /  framework introduction

00:57 – 07:49  /  absolute value of noise  /  speaker horns  /  magnetic focus  /  absolute value of noise

04:02 – 07:51  /  jeff gburek  /  [track one] /  remote provinces  /  aural terrains,

07:38 – 11:54  /  scott sherk  /  victor’s lament  /  framework250  /  framework editions,

11:53 – 22:36  /  jeff gburek  / [track two] /  remote provinces  /  aural terrains,

12:53 – 20:23  /  absolute value of noise  /  radio studio
/  magnetic focus  /  absolute value of noise

22:23 – 32:53  /  giancarlo toniutti  /  chooramuukk, girasrum  /  framework250  /  framework editions,

31:19 – 41:32  /  jeff gburek  /
[track three] /  remote provinces  /  aural terrains,

32:54 – 36:49  /  absolute value of noise  /  rurban power lines
/  magnetic focus  /  absolute value of noise

37:33 – 41:37  /  absolute value of noise  /  tripreamp: message from the ionosphere
/  magnetic focus  /  absolute value of noise

41:33 – 48:47  /  keith de mendonca  /  four nights in lhasa  /  framework250  /  framework editions,

48:23 – 57:00  /  michael northam  /  kashi – heatdream  /  framework250  /  framework editions,

patrick 2009, framework250, regular edition

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