this edition of framework:afield has been produced in france by cedric peyronnet, and is entitled kdi dctb 146 [f].  for more information on this project:, on peyronnet’s work in general:  cedric says:

The k146 project

Cédric Peyronnet, french “sound sculptor”, also working under the name of toy.bizarre since 1985 on field recordings, phonography, soundscapes, sound art, Acoustic Ecology , and on the principles of acousmatic, electroacoustic / concrète / experimental music.

“Kdi dctb 146” is a sound art, sound cartography project and study of the soundscape around the Taurion (Thaurion) river.Taurion river takes its source on the plateau de Millevaches, close to Gentioux (France). I truly began this project on august 2005. This project breaks up into several phases of recording programmed according to different geographical areas covering the totality of the river.

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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