first, an announcement: framework will be taking it’s usual summer holidays for the month of august.  that means that this is the last new show until we return on september 6th, with an insect-specific show to mark resonancefm’s broadcasting from pestival in london (  we will not be leaving you high and dry however: although we won’t be sending out any playlists, we will be airing and podcasting shows from the archive, most of which have never been online before, so will be new to most of your ears, and undoubtedly of great historic interest (for example, you can listen to the wavering of my nervous voice live in the studio back in the early days).  here is the schedule for the august broadcasts, so you can check the playlist archives for details:

  • week of august 2nd – repeat from 28.11.03
  • week of august 16th – repeat from 09.09.05
  • week of august 23st – repeat from 13.01.06
  • week of august 30th – repeat from 23.05.07

and since this will be my last chance to badger you for a while, i’ll take full advantage: if you haven’t already, please consider becoming a framework donor – you can do so easily from the website via paypal, as a one-time or regular donor.  it’s been 7  years and nearly 250 shows – we need your support!   and now on to the show:

this is the second part of these are a few of my favorite things, produced in montreal, canada by france jobin, aka i8u.  france says:

As i mentioned in the first installment, my interpretation of field
recording based works is very broad, however there is a thread I like to
follow, which is to find artists who have mastered their unique identity
through the music of sound.

I chose to open and close this evening’s program with Mika Vainio’s Behind
the Radiators released as part of Touch Sevens series, a 7″ vinyl releases
only on Touch Music.


Tracks – Artists – Labels (if applicable)

1. A Behind The Radiators – Mika Vainio – Touch
length – 2:44

2. Hornet – Angel/Hedonism – eMego
length – 8.13

3. Grass – Richard Garet – unreleased
length – 4:42

4. Don’t look back – Rinus Van Alebeek – unreleased
length – 13.53

5. Music for Plants in Rhodes Island – David last – unreleased
length – 15.41

6. track 04 – Keiichiro Shibuya/Maria – ATAK
length – 3.09

7. track 02 – Roel Meelkop – zang:records
length – 9.28

8. B Behind The Radiators – Mika Vainio – Touch
length – 3:04

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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