this edition has been produced in boston, massachusetts by brendan murray.  for more information see  about the show:

Coded With Paved Paws

A mapping of childhood anxiety with recordings of films ostensibly nuclear combat and apocalypse.  I was (and am) an indoor kid at heart so my “natural environment” is/was sitting in front of the television, even though I’ve broken the habit as an adult (and switched it to being stuck in front of computers most of the time). These “field recordings” of old television programs (mostly lifted from the internet) represent my youthful fear masked in young dread of nuclear war. I concentrated in fake documentaries about the subject, as I always found that construct especially chilling.  Included are recordings of shortwave radio and re-purposed music that I loved as a kid.  The piece is not political, despite its content.

Assembled at Defense Electronics February 2009

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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