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thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for framework intros last week.  but for those of you who put it off once again, it’s not too late!  we still need more, so get out there and intro us!

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in milan, italy by matteo uggeri, aka hue.  for more information see  matteo says:

The idea for this radio show came from a short chat with my girlfriend Gaia, who asked me, “Well, what is one of the best field recording you ever heard?” In that moment the first thing that came into my mind was a short file that the Sicilian artist Domenico Sciajno sent to Adriano Zanni/Punck for a weird project (you can check it out here) in which I also participated. It was just a recording of boys playing football in a place full of natural reverb, in Palermo. So Gaia said “Great. So maybe you can ask other artists to record games all around Italy”.

And that’s what I did: I asked most of my musical buddies involved into the field recording practice to send me recordings of people playing any sort of game in this country, and most of them did it. Almost everybody had to record it for this purpose, as nobody already had such files (as I expected).

The results are, in my opinion, amazing: in spite of the fact that quite often field recordings are pretty melancholic and ‘speechless’ (a sort of thing that I love in them), these ones are obviously full of human voices, screams, laughter, cries, even swears, but in any case they sound to me full of life.

Therefore, this show is a “happy one”, maybe funny, maybe not, in any case pretty different from the others I’m used to hearing on the Framework podcast.

So: thanks to all the artists that contributed, who are – in order (you may also hear their voices presenting in Italian their recordings):

Part 1: Andrea Ferraris (Ics) + Hue, Urkuma, Carlo Giordani, Hue, Obsil.
Part 2: Fhievel, Hipurforderai, Hue, Carlo Giordani.
Part 3: Fhievel, Fabio Damiani, Punck, Aldo Becca.
Part 4: Mark Hamn, Domenico Sciajno, Andrea Ferraris (Ics) + Hue

children's drawings for "italian plays"drawings collected by aldo becca, and made by the children participating in italian plays

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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