this edition of framework:afield has been produced in toronoto and montreal by anna friz. for more information see anna says:

Both these pieces balance between documentary, intervention, and reverie. The pedestrian reclaims significance, no longer dwarfed by the built environment but sonically activating the presence of space. With “Vacant City Radio”, I aimed to create a poetic space for contemplation of urban decay and renewal, of the passage of time, of cycles of rust, rot, and regrowth. I sought to imagine an audible city that is multi-layered: a city described not just by concrete architecture or its remnants but by ephemeral signals converging and dispersing. With “Radio is everywhere in their dreams”, the pedestrian explores purely imagined space, where dreamers themselves are radios, and where signals cross with others also lost in uneasy sleep. With both pieces, noise and interference are the subject and the method of creation, where sounds conjure space and resonate with its rupture, its indeterminacy, and its imagined life.

  • Vacant City Radio (2005)
  • Radio is everywhere in their dreams (2003)

Thanks to the Western Front Media Arts program, Vancouver, Canada.

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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