this edition of framework:afield has been produced in moscow, russia by dmitry vasilyev, and features the work of john grzinich.  for more information see dmitry’s website at, or john’s website at  dmitry says:

John Grzinich is american musician active since mid 90s. His ground of work is field recordings he made during intense traveling through various countries and places like forests, abandoned countryside etc. What is peculiar in his musical approach, it’s special meaning of human environment, namely – estrangement from the traditional forms of musical aesthetics through aural perception and spatial orientation. His albums were released by many labels specializing in electroacoustic and experimental electronics: Staalplaat, Erewhon, Intransitive Recordings, Cloud of Statics, SIRRecords etc. “Intimations” released by Richard Francis’ label CMR in New Zealand. I think it’s the best example of synchronization between musical harmony and transcendental meditation.”

00:00 “Geochronologic Formation” (from “The Stomach Of The Sky” CD)
10:38 “Sun In Hand, Stone In Water” (from “Intimations” CD)
19:05 “Fluid Itinerancy” (from “Intimations” CD)
27:30 “Glaze” (from “Gyre” CD)
36:47 “Bounce And Magnitude” (“Rudiment Of Two” CD)
46:35 “.E 27 : N 58” (from “Insular Regions” CD)

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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