this,  our first edition of framework:afield for 2009, has been a long time coming (although not quite as long as i lead you to believe in the intro, when i say the featured event took place in february 2007.  it was actually 2008 – d’oh!).  i produced this edition myself, and it features the sound as space / sound as language workshop which i gave with max shentelevs in tartu, estonia almost one year ago.  the workshop, which has also now been given many more times in many more countries, focuses on site-specific sound, on sound as a describer and creator or space, and on sound as a tool for non-verbal communication.  it is, very basically, about listening.  in this particular instance we made a lot of recordings during the workshop itself, and also compiled some recordings of feedback from the participants.  there were also two compositions made from the workshop’s sounds, one by myself, and the other by john grzinich.  with all of these elements i put together this show.  thanks to svan vabar, laura paju, siim angerpitt, triinu lille, max shentelevs and john grzinich for their contributions.

for more information on the workshop don’t hesitate to get in touch – we have now placed it under the umbrella of the revenant project, so there will soon be more info online here:, and there are still notes from another instance here:

patrick 2009, framework:afield

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